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Posted in Greetings! by weirdoftheday on February 22, 2009

Welcome to my blog! This is my  first post on here and I am going to start by explaining what this blog is about and why it’s here.

Being a college student, I have started it as a project for a Weblogs and Wikis class where we are learning how blogs and wiki pages work and are experiencing what it’s like to create and manage them. The stuff that will be posted on here is going to be about strange and unusual current events (you know, like UFOs, Elvis sightings, medical oddities, scientific discoveries, etc.) from around the world and even right in our own backyards. Weird stuff has always been a personal interest of mine and I figure it will make this project all the more enjoyable if I blogged about something that can be fun, shocking, and sometimes just plain silly. I will post some new material very soon, but first I have to find something to write about.

Anyways, that’s what’s up and I will be posting something new as soon as I find something to write about. 

I do have another blog here on WordPress that I will link to for those who are curious to know more about me and what I’m doing. I’ll warn you that I do not post on that blog as frequently as I will this one.

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