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The Vienna Vegetable Orchestra

Posted in food,music by weirdoftheday on March 12, 2009

I was in my car listening to the radio the other day and I heard mention of this unique little group of people who create musical instruments from fresh, raw vegetables. Having a rather small but memorable musical background in my high school days, I was very intrigued. So when I got home, I went online to find out more about the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra.

How does one turn a plain vegetable into a musical instrument? How would it sound? I had never heard anyone play a carrot flute or a cucumber trumpet before in my life, nor did I suspect that people could be so creative with food. My shallow knowledge of the world has just gained another inch.

It’s not just musicians that make this group. People skilled in many areas of expertise such as writers, designers, and visual artists are involved to inspire the music that they play. This is not your typical orchestra. They play almost every type of music from contemporary to jazz and some modern stuff.

You can find more information on the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra at









Pictures found on Google image search.

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