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Don’t Eat That… Just Kidding

Posted in food by weirdoftheday on March 16, 2009

So I was in the kitchen eating out of a jar of green olives the other day and my friend who was also skimpily dining looked over at me, scrunched up his face in mild disgust, and asked me this question:  “How can you eat those things?”

I looked down at the tin of smoked oysters that he happened to be eating and asked him the very same question. He took on of the smelly little things out of the container and stuck it in his mouth, chewing it with deliberate slowness as he stared at me. I watched him swallow it, trying to stifle my gag reflex. 

“I like the way they taste,” he said. “What’s your excuse?”

It turned out we shared the same excuse. I like green olives so much that I could eat an entire jar of them, but I won’t because they’re not all that nutritious. 

This little exchange got me thinking about what sort of weird food items are out there and where we can go to get them. I wound up researching some restaurants that not only serve funny food, but they also have funny themes. In most cases, we would have to fly overseas to dine at the following places.

Cannibalistic Sushi in Tokyo, Japan

There are sushi restaurants where nude women serve as platters where the customers’ meals are artfully arranged, but this place takes it to a whole new level. The bodies served here are made out of dough and diners must cut into them to get to their sushi. It turns a regular meal into a game of Operation. Don’t worry, the red fluid you see leaking out of the dough person is just sauce. This meal is not for the faint of heart.

Modern Toilet in Taipei, Taiwan

This W.C.-themed restaurant is a place where you can sit down and have your meal on the can. The food is served in containers shaped like toilet bowls, bathtubs and urinals. Even some of the food is shaped like poo. I don’t know if I’d be able to set food inside without falling to the floor laughing.

Pitch-Black Restaurant in Beijing, China

Finally, a place where we can eat in total darkness! There are no lights in this restaurant, nor are items that provide a light source allowed inside. The loss of sight is supposed to strengthen the other senses such as smell and taste, making your dining experience all the more extraordinary. I for one would probably end up leaving there with food all over my face and shirt. 

The images shown here do not and never will belong to me. I found them on Google image search.


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