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Celebrity’s Chemical Toilet Annoys Neighbors

Posted in Uncategorized by weirdoftheday on March 18, 2009

How would you like to smell your famous neighbor’s biff-whiff?

According to the LA Times, neighbors of singer/songwriter Bob Dylan have been complaining of an acrid chemical stench wafting from his ocean view home in Malibu. The source of the offending odor was coming from a chemical toilet that sits behind the house next to a guard tower for use by Dylan’s staff. Apparently the smell was so bad that it was making the neighbors sick to their stomachs and even forced them to set up giant fans to try and deflect the bad stench. The neighbors only became more vocal about this problem this last September, and the city is still looking into it.

I don’t know how how much stink one porta-potty can produce to offend an entire sprawling neighborhood, but I am quite familiar with the smell, and it is not at all pleasant. 

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