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Sex Toy Gone Bad

Posted in don't try this at home,sex,Uncategorized by weirdoftheday on March 20, 2009

We don’t hear these kinds of stories very often, but we know that there are some very creative people out there who will do almost anything to spice up their sex lives. In this case, a couple took it a little too far.

According to, on March 9, a 27-year-old Maryland woman was flown to the hospital after a sexual act that was performed with a reciprocating saw went horribly wrong. Apparently the saw cut right through the actual sex toy that it was being used with before injuring the woman.

It was not disclosed exactly what kind of sex toy they were using along with this reciprocating saw. I didn’t even know what a reciprocating saw was until I Googled it, and all I could say when I saw an image of this dangerous contraption was: Oh, my… 












This thing is used to cut through metal pipes. I can only imagine what kind of damage this woman sustained.


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