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Baby Born On Plane, Abandoned By Mother

Posted in Uncategorized by weirdoftheday on March 21, 2009

BBC News reports that a newborn baby was discovered in the restroom trash bin of a plane traveling from Samoa to Aukland, New Zealand this last Thursday. Although women in the advanced stages of pregnancy are not allowed on airplanes, no one seemed to notice that the newborn’s mother had boarded the plane with an extra passenger. She gave birth mid-flight in the airplane’s tiny closet bathroom.

She left the baby in the trash bin for airport staff to find after they became suspicious of her appearance when they saw her trying to leave the airport in blood-stained clothes.

It’s unknown whether or not at any point during the flight that passengers or staff on the plane noticed that the woman was in labour. Surely, there were signs. The line outside of the bathroom must have been quite long if she was in there for a while.

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