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Man busted for driving drunk on motorized bar stool

Posted in humor by weirdoftheday on April 2, 2009

I’ve heard of people getting busted for being drunk while operating construction equipment, lawnmowers, golf carts, go-carts, mopeds, and even bicycles, but this is a new one on me.


A 28-year-old Ohio man was arrested after he crashed a vehicle which he had constructed by attaching four wheels and a motor to a bar stool. He suffered only a minor head injury for his troubles. When he spoke with the cops, the man claimed he had consumed quite a few beers before hopping onto his bar stool on wheels and wiped out.

Believe it or not, bar stool racing is an emerging sport in America. Personally, I think this is the goofiest thing since Extreme Ironing (which I don’t understand either), but it looks fun none the less.



Story from Sky News


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