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Prosthetic leg mistaken for bomb

Posted in humor,Uncategorized by weirdoftheday on April 14, 2009

In Oregon, a mysterious package was discovered in front of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office on Sunday. 


Deputies became very suspicious of the unknown item wrapped in a brown canvas bag. All they could see of it was the shiny metal end of its cylindrical shape sticking out of the bag.

So, naturally (and without even bothering to curiously prod the bag with a stick to get a better look at what was inside), they concluded that it must have been a bomb and contacted the Portland Police Bomb Squad to check it out.

The bomb squad sent their bomb-handling robot to investigate the thing. To everybody’s relief, the robot revealed that the bag contained nothing but a harmless prosthetic leg.

They haven’t figured out who the owner of the leg is nor why it was left there.

Story from Fox 12 Oregon


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