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Lost cat found on Facebook

Posted in animals,Facebook by weirdoftheday on April 15, 2009

I knew Facebook was good for something!

Two years ago, a Minnesota couple lost their 20 pound cat, Bob. The owners searched high and low, but they were unable to find their beloved pet before they moved away from their East Bethel home. 

Someone did eventually stumble upon Bob and brought him to the the Coon Rapids Humane Society. However, Bob couldn’t be properly identified because the identification microchip embedded under his skin was out of date. Surprisingly enough, for being homeless for so long, Bob was in remarkably fine shape; still plump, fuzzy, and friendly.

The owners of the cat reported Bob missing two years before, and one particular staff member at the Humane Society was intent on reuniting them with Bob. Since they were unable to find the owner’s phone number, they took a chance and searched around on Facebook. Not long after, Bob’s owners received an email regarding the discovery of their long lost furry friend. 

Now, thanks to the efforts of his owners and the Coon Rapids Humane Society, Bob is safe and sound at home.

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