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Mom undergoes plastic surgery to look like her daughter

Posted in Uncategorized by weirdoftheday on April 20, 2009

Getting old sucks. All the wrinkles, loose skin and the general effects of age and gravity tend to bring our looks further south with each passing decade. It is perfectly understandable that age can sometimes be hard to accept especially if it begins to impact one’s social life, drawing a deep line in the sand that separates them from the younger, more attractive and fun (and vain) generation.

We live in a society that is obsessed with youth, and where plastic surgery is becoming more and more common as an easy (and expensive) escape from the weathering effects of time on our bodies. 

There are some who go a bit too far with procedures, getting boobs five sizes too large, over-plumping their lips with injections, pulling, nipping, tucking, stapling, etc, and the results can end up looking rather disproportionate. However, there are others who undergo amazing transformations, shaving ten to twenty years off of their looks and reverting back to the youths they once were.

I recently read a story on The Daily Mail about a 50-year-old woman in the UK who underwent plastic surgery so that she could look exactly like her 28-year-old daughter. Looking at the before and after photos, I was impressed with the mother’s transformation, but it sort of bothered me that someone would want to look like a carbon copy of someone else, especially their own daughter. It is very evident from the photos of the two looked a lot alike before the mom had plastic surgery, and now they look like twin sisters rather than mother and daughter. The interesting thing is that the mother did not choose to have plastic surgery out of jealousy, and the daughter had no objections to her mother’s wanting to look exactly like her.

I’m not going to apply any harsh judgement to the choice that the mother made. If it improves your life and makes you feel better, then by all means do it. I’m young now, and some days I don’t care very much about how I look than others. I’ve made a promise to myself that no matter what I’d never go under the knife for the sake of my own vanity. But who knows? Maybe I might break that promise when I get older, fatter and start to regret taking my youth for granted. 

Anyway, this is turning out to be a little more personal than I anticipated, which is okay I guess. I encourage you to check the story (and the pictures) out if you haven’t already heard or read about it.

What are your opinions on this subject?

Story from The Daily Mail.


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