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Bizarre creatures part 1

Posted in animals by weirdoftheday on April 25, 2009

I’m a big fan of animals, especially weird ones. Every once in a while I run into some interesting articles about rare and unusual creatures, so I thought I’d share some finds that hopefully will interest you. This will be one of who knows how many posts on fascinating animals and insects.

Cute but dangerous

The puss caterpillar, aka asp caterpillar or  southern flannel moth, can be found in the southern United States, Mexico, and in Central America. 


This little guy may look adorable, and you may be tempted to pet it. However, if you happen to encounter one of these, it would be in your best interest to refrain from touching it. The reason: it has venomous spines hiding in its fur that can cause very painful reactions upon contact with the skin. Otherwise it is pretty cool to look at. 

The moth is pretty spectacular looking as well, varying in colors from dusty gray to brown to orange, yellow, and even snowy white. You can see a variety of pictures here: Link

Its movements are mesmerizing… 

The flightless parrot

Found in New Zealand, the kakapo is the world’s largest parrot, weighing up to 8 pounds. 

kakapoThis solitary bird is incapable of flight, spending its time on the ground or climbing around in trees. It has an owl-like appearance as well as nocturnal habits, though it is not a carnivore.

In fact, it is the most vulnerable of birds, being flightless and lacking in defense mechanisms to evade predators.

Learn more about this endangered bird: Link






Stay tuned for more!

Photos found on Google image search.


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