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Man pretends to fall off of bridge and actually falls: a drunken stunt gone wrong

Posted in don't try this at home,humor by weirdoftheday on April 26, 2009

In Bloomington, MN, an intoxicated 23-year-old man accidentally plummeted 30 feet off of a bridge over the Minnesota River last Sunday. 

He and a friend had been driving over the Highway 77 bridge when he suddenly felt nature’s urgent call, and he told his friend to pull the vehicle over into the emergency lane so that he could get out and do his business. Unfortunately, he ended up doing a lot more.

The 23-year-old climbed over the ledge of the bridge and tried to pull a fast one on his friend by pretending to fall. Not a very smart thing to do when you’re 30 feet off the ground and a little tipsy. His stunt turned into a total fail when he actually fell off of the bridge and landed in the marshland below.

He suffered serious injuries but according to a recent report he is now in stable condition. 

I’m not sure what could possibly compel someone to pull a stunt like that, but then again alcohol has the dangerously remarkable power to erase fears and inhibitions.

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