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Pillow fight!

Posted in computers,humor by weirdoftheday on April 6, 2009

Who says pillow fighting is illegal?

Well, it seems that Detroit city police do when it comes to corralling a massive organized pillow fight in a downtown park this past weekend. The battle was interrupted by the authorities on account that the participants did not have a permit to hold such an event. The fluffy weapons had to be confiscated from people, but they were allowed to keep their pillow cases.  


The issue was not necessarily the threat of downy soft violence. Instead, the police were more concerned with the fact that they would be left to clean up one hell of a mess after the fight was over. Overall, it’s virtually impossible to draw blood when you hit someone with a pillow. There is a 99.9% chance that you will break your pillow rather than someone else’s skin, thus spilling goose down and hypoallergenic stuffing all over creation.

It turns out that this event is a worldwide effort that has been circulating around online social networks. Many cities around the world have participated in huge pillow fights as a unique demonstration for peace. However, Detroit was the only city that failed to carry out the plan all because the police say they don’t have a permit to hit each other with pillows.

Oh, well. It was a good effort. Besides, there’s no rules against holding a pillow battle royal in your own home! Seriously, that would be awesome.









Story from Oh My Gov!


How Far Would You Go To Check Your Facebook?

Posted in computers,dumb criminals,Facebook,Uncategorized by weirdoftheday on February 25, 2009

In Bladenton, Florida, a 19-year-old man was caught stealing a Starbucks customer’s laptop after he was told that he could not use it to check his Facebook account. The man was about to leave the store when he quickly spun back around and grabbed the laptop before running out the door.

However, he didn’t make it very far as two quick-thinking citizens tackled the thief to the ground in the parking lot and held him there until the security guard arrived. The laptop was returned to its owner and the thief ended up getting charged with robbery.

Original story from  Sarasota Herald-Tribune 

Today, everyone and their dog has a Facebook account and of course it’s impossible to deny that most of us check ours religiously (every hour on the hour, anytime, anywhere), but is it worth it to even ask a total stranger if we can borrow their laptop to check our Facebook pages? 

Would you let a total stranger borrow your laptop so they can check Facebook?

Probably not. I know I wouldn’t. In fact, I keep my laptop chained to my wrist whenever I take it outside of the house. 

Facebook has become very popular as of late and it’s a wonderful way to keep in the loop with friends and family as well as meeting new people. I was reluctant to join Facebook until I went away to college and realized that talking on the phone to my friends and family at home wasn’t enough. So I broke down and got an account, and now I check it at least once a day.

It’s understandable how it can become addicting. The Internet in general is addictive due to all the interactive things we can do now. We have IM, email, and lots and lots of blogs! Who doesn’t dig that stuff?