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Boston Vampire Rumor

Posted in creepy,Uncategorized by weirdoftheday on March 27, 2009


Established in 1635, the Boston Latin School is the oldest educational institution in the United States and is well known for having been attended by many historic figures such as Ben Franklin. However, this highly rated prep school has been attracting more attention than usual this week as rumors spread like brushfire about vampires stalking the premises. 

On March 26, The Boston Globe reported that the headmaster of Boston Latin has sent out letters to school staff, parents and students to inform them of the rumors. 

It is speculated that the rumors came about when a girl was singled out and bullied by other girls for dressing up in the Goth style, which has become commonly associated with Vampires.

Apparently, the girls began the circulation of the rumor, saying the Goth girl was a vampire wannabe who had cut someone’s neck to drink their blood.

A March 27 article in The Boston Globe reports that there is evident fear that the rumor could fuel bullying and possibly put the students’ safety at risk. 

It’s not too surprising how all this hullabaloo could have started with one little lie that sprouted from the paper-thin perception of someone’s  appearance. The Goth style has been given a bad rap because of its dark, brooding, and negative portrayal. It has been associated with macabre fantasy, and inspired by music and the dark sides of pop culture. In a few extreme cases, it also has a history of depression and violence. But come on, must we really fulfill the need to pester some kid just because they like to wear black? It’s rumors like this that can harm a guy’s reputation. 

Story Credited to The Boston Globe