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Some Drugs With Your Coffee?

Posted in coffee,drugs,dumb criminals by weirdoftheday on March 15, 2009

A woman working in an Arkansas veterinary clinic was arrested and put in jail for drugging her boss’s coffee, sending him on a trip to the emergency room. It turned out that what she had put into his coffee was a tranquilizer called a benzodiapine, which is generally used to ease stress or anxiety. 

The woman’s excuse for doing what she did was that she thought he needed to “chill out”, and so she decided to give him a little something to help him do that. She wasn’t a doctor or anything. Her job at the veterinary clinic was to clean cages. Drugging your boss with tranquilizers is serious grounds for getting canned from your job. What was she thinking?

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Cat Bong

Posted in drugs,dumb criminals,Uncategorized by weirdoftheday on March 4, 2009

A Nebraska man is accused of animal cruelty after putting a 6-month-old kitten in a bong. Police found him smoking marijuana with the cat inside of the homemade bong, which is made out of a plexiglass box( just big enough to fit a small animal inside).

 The man claimed that he did it to calm the little cat down by exposing it to the mellowing affects of marijuana smoke. He reasoned that it was a better alternative than swatting or squirting the unruly cat with water, or even taking it to an animal shelter where he feared that they would euthanize the poor thing. 

So…why not just stick the cat in a little box where there is less than sufficient breathing room and then blow your rancid cheese breath and marijuana smoke in its face?

This genius was also wanted to marijuana possession, and when the police came (a neighbor called them to report a “domestic disturbance”), they caught him in the act.

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