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The art of the fart: a flatulent entertainer

Posted in humor,music by weirdoftheday on April 22, 2009

I may be going overboard with this fart business, but this was too strange (and funny) to pass up.

Meet Paul Oldfield, also know as Mr. Methane. A man who puts the Art into Fart.

Profession: entertainer. 

Mr. Methane is a guy with a particularly rare talent, which he discovered by accident when he was a teenager. With the ability to breath “fore and aft” through his rear end, he was able to master the art of Controlled Anal Voicing, or so it is called. He is what is known as a performing flatulist, a title reserved for entertainers of an art form that has been observed over the centuries. 

At first when I fell upon some online videos of Mr  Methane’s public performances, I was skeptical. Can this guy really breathe through his rear end? What sort of muscle power does that require? What the heck does this guy eat?

So I educated myself by watching several videos on YouTube and have come to the conclusion that this guy’s talent seems to be pretty authentic. I was especially impressed when I saw his signature talent of farting the Blue Danube Waltz by Johann Strauss.

Mr. Methane also has his own website, complete with links to other fart-related materials. Check it out:

We should all know by now that a fart can change the expression on a person’s face immediately, as can be seen here in this video.

Mr. Methane explains his art form and does a few impressions. Again, watch the facial expressions.

Mr. Methane unmasked.


The Vienna Vegetable Orchestra

Posted in food,music by weirdoftheday on March 12, 2009

I was in my car listening to the radio the other day and I heard mention of this unique little group of people who create musical instruments from fresh, raw vegetables. Having a rather small but memorable musical background in my high school days, I was very intrigued. So when I got home, I went online to find out more about the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra.

How does one turn a plain vegetable into a musical instrument? How would it sound? I had never heard anyone play a carrot flute or a cucumber trumpet before in my life, nor did I suspect that people could be so creative with food. My shallow knowledge of the world has just gained another inch.

It’s not just musicians that make this group. People skilled in many areas of expertise such as writers, designers, and visual artists are involved to inspire the music that they play. This is not your typical orchestra. They play almost every type of music from contemporary to jazz and some modern stuff.

You can find more information on the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra at









Pictures found on Google image search.