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Nude hiking banned in the Swiss Alps

Posted in Uncategorized by weirdoftheday on April 28, 2009
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This past Sunday, citizens of the Appenzell Inner Rhodes region of Switzerland voted to put an end to a disturbing new trend that has made its way into the picturesque landscape of the Swiss Alps.


Since last fall, an increasing number of nude hikers have been traveling to the Swiss Alps to take in the scenery, making other clothed tourists and locals more than uncomfortable. Many people had reported encounters with hikers clad in nothing but their boots and socks, obviously having left their modestly back at home.

A mass meeting which occurs on the last Sunday of every April in Appenzell Inner Rhodes was held recently, and a simple show of hands revealed a majority of those who wished to stop these naked hiking expeditions. It was then concluded that there would be a ban on nude hiking and anyone caught roaming around in the wilderness without their clothes (or anything less than their skivvies) will be fined.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s just great that folks like to get in touch with their natural sides, even if it means stripping down to their skin so that they can take it all in. But in this case I do believe I will have to side with the majority vote. For one thing, I can imagine it would be pretty distracting, not to mention startling, to run into a naked stranger in the middle of a peaceful hike. No matter how friendly or attractive they may be, I would still have a hard time making eye contact with someone who is wearing nothing but hiking boots. We should also take people’s personal safety into consideration. When you walk around naked in public, you’re putting yourself in a rather vulnerable position.¬†Wouldn’t one get a little chilly out there without clothes on?

Story from Sky News